About Us

Welcome to Martini Avenue.  We sit at the crossroads of classy, bold, unique, and fun. Our goal is to do one thing: customize your lifestyle. We handpick unique, bold, custom, classy and handcrafted products tailored to align with your lifestyle.  We do not want everybody slapping the same stuff on their wrist, counter top or patio.  We provide products for nearly any lifestyle: barware, style, accessories, shoes, cooking, crafting, etc.  This list is not exhaustive and we are working tirelessly to traverse the globe to help customize your lifestyle. 

In addition, we like the good life here at Martini Avenue.  Craft is the name of the game in regards to nearly everything.  We love to give tips, suggestions and insight to make your life better and your experiences more unique.  Dare to be bold.

Things we believe in: 

  • Standing out above the crowd.
  • Being bold.
  • Having a cocktail at lunch.
  • Hosting dinner that people talk about for weeks.
  • Having a cold one.
  • Not fitting in a mold.
  • Not sitting in traffic.
  • Adventure.
  • Daring to think bigger, better and bolder.
  • Living life loudly.
  • Not sweating the small stuff.
  • Sharing experiences with friends and families.
  • Trying new things.
  • Travel.
  • Fun.
  • Pushing boundaries.